Safety is the #1
concern in the workplace

“As the country cautiously reopens, business leaders are beginning to reconcile with their new reality: an increased focus on safety.”

PwC CFO Pulse Survey

June 15 2020



People die everyday from workplace related injuries.



Cost to US employers per week for loss of work from injury.



Of all workplace incidents are avoidable.

Primary Causes of Incidents





You're driving.

An activity you have done so many times before you could hardly acknowledge it as a cognitive thought, its muscle memory at this point, for you and millions of others just doing what you do every day.

It's thoughtless because it doesn't need that much thought anymore, even when it should. And that might not be so scary if you are going thirty miles per hour through a city suburb, but what if you're doing one hundred on an ice glazed highway, next to a semi-truck that weighs eighty thousand pounds? You know he's (or she's) doing the exact same thing as you.

What you don't know is, what they're day was like, what problems they've faced for the last twenty years, or what they drank ten minutes before climbing the steps into their cabin. You hope they had a good day, a good life, you hope they are awake and focused. Aware of all their surroundings, aware of you.

You hope because you can't ever know, and if you let yourself think about it more, you'd be terrified. What if you didn't have to think, or hope, or pray, for the mental and physical well-being of the countless people passing you by?

That's what we do. Budee can be the shield the world needs so that everyone, anywhere, can get to where they need to be.

Workplace safety is more than risk management -

it’s a responsibility. 

(Even more so these days.)


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